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Video Summary

Figure 0: Video summary of installation of "The Captivate Hub" on Messenger
  1. 1.
    On dashboard, click "Create now" or "Create conversation"
Figure 1: The Captivate Hub Dashboard
2. Choose the Messenger as channel
Figure 2: Supported Channels
3. Fill up the following information
  • Name - The name of the channel that will be created on the hub
  • Description - The description of the channel
  • Facebook Page Name - The name of the facebook page the app will be connected
Figure 3: Filling up information of the channel
4. Click "Sign in with facebook" button
5. A new window will appear that redirect you to facebook, it will ask your password and ask you "What pages do you want to use with The Captivate Hub". select the facebook page and click next.
Figure 4: Facebook asking for page to be installed
6. It will ask for the permission that The Captivate Hub allowed to do, select all as yes and click next
Figure 4: The Captivate Hub asking for facebook permissions
7. You are now done installing "The Captivate Hub" to your facebook page messenger. click ok and the Page ID and Page Token is now filled up. click the create button.
Figure 5: The Captivate Hub successfully installed at your facebook page
Figure 6: All of information needed by the hub is filled.
The next step will redirect you to installing chatbot which you can find here:


Video summary

Figure 0: Summary of testing messenger
  1. 1.
    To test the connection between messenger and your connection go to your facebook page, select your account to interact with the page and click send the message.
Figure 1: Select interaction on facebook pages
2. Send any message, you should see that that the bot will replied back to your message
Figure 2: Bot is confirmed working on messenger
3. Try to escalate the chat to agent and it should assign an agent. try to reply back on teams and it will be send to messenger.
Figure 3: Agent messages send to teams and it is received by messenger