The Captivate Hub app lets your agent communicate with users between Slack and any channel, e.g., messenger, whatsapp, twitter.

Please follow all the instruction thoroughly and do not skip any instructions on the Installation part.

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The Captivate Hub Slack Apps requires Workspace Admins permission to install

If you are on the last step of the creation of the Hub (Figure 1.0), please follow the instruction below and do not close the page. If you haven't yet set up your Hub, please go to Get Started. If it's easier there's a corresponding step by step video per instruction.

App Installation.

  • Click this link or click the "Add to Slack button" below and install the Slack app. and press the "Allow" button


  • You will be see the "The Captivate Hub" on your apps. click the app and on the topside click the "Messages". on the first message of the Slack app. click the "Authorize" button. The application will ask you another permission. please click allow.

  • After the authorization of the Slack app. type the command '/signin' to the Message and it will display "Sign-in" button. it will open a browser and login your account credentials on the Hub.

Hub Installation

  • Now that you are logged in to The Hub, create a new channel giving it a name you will associate with using The Hub (e.g. The Hub Live Chat). after creating the channel, select the new created channel and get the channel details by clicking its header. copy the "Channel ID"

  • Go to the app messages again (Figure 2) and type the command /link. it will display a new window asking for your Channel ID and Hub. paste the Channel ID you copied on Figure 5 and select the Hub will be connected to Slack and press "Submit"

Congratulations, you have now connected your Hub to Slacks!

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