Special Response

  • It is stored in the context variable $special_response.

  • Returns special types of response such as cards and files that are not available yet in Watson Assistant.

  • Can be used together with other types of responses such as text, buttons.

  • When $special_response is used, all types of responses in Watson Assistant are ignored. All types of responses like texts and buttons must be added to the context variable $special_response.

  • $special_response context variable is an array containing different types of responses.

  • Enables developers to return any types of Response to different channels. Even though the system automatically converts known specific response type formats

Types of special responses

  1. Card - shows up a set of cards in the response.

2. Pause - pauses in between messages with the specified time in milliseconds (ms).

3. Button - shows a single message (title) and a set of options as choices.

4. Text - shows a single message.

5. File - attach a file as part of the response.

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